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Another 'Friendly Fire' Tragedy

01/22/2014 - "Nobody can dispute the fact that the law is established that you can't go blowing [away] a police officer making an arrest." That's what our federal court judge said when she denied the defense of qualified immunity to the rookie officers who shot and killed our client, Oakland Police Officer William Wilkins, in 2001.  Officer Wilkins was a veteran undercover officer arresting a suspect using standard police tactics when poorly trained rookie officers recklessly assumed he was a bad guy.  Sadly, Officer Wilkins' death was preventable, as I think we are likely to find with BART Police Sergeant Tom Smith, shot and killed by a fellow officer yesterday.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that BART Sgt. Smith was shot by a fellow officer after they broke into an empty apartment to search for evidence of thefts.  The suspect had already been arrested.  "It was eith... Keep Reading

Welcome to Haddad & Sherwin

09/06/2013 - Welcome to our new blog at Julia Sherwin and I wanted to have a place where we could share our thoughts about current civil rights issues in our community. We will also be inviting members of our team to share their own personal perspectives – about civil rights issues, and about what comes up for them in representing our clients who are fighting for justice. Our team is diverse, and not everyone thinks the same. We do however share a passion for enforcing Constitutional rights, protecting the community, and helping our clients achieve justice. We hope this blog will provide inspiration for fresh ideas, deeper understanding, and renewed efforts to make our community more peaceful and just.... Keep Reading

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