Attorney Fee Claim Help for Lawyers/Civil Rights Appeals

ATTORNEY FEE CLAIM HELP FOR LAWYERS. Attorneys: Now that you have won your civil rights case, it is time to get paid. However, motions for statutory civil rights attorneys' fees can be very complicated both legally and factually, and require thorough preparation. It is often a good idea to retain other experienced counsel to assist in preparing and arguing your fee claim before a trial court. We have had great success securing awards of civil rights attorneys fees. Call us to discuss how we may be able to help you with your civil rights attorney fee claim.

CIVIL RIGHTS APPELLATE REPRESENTATION. Federal civil rights appeals require specialized skills and expansive knowledge of the relevant case law. Very few appellate specialists are also civil rights attorneys. We know how to successfully brief and argue Ninth Circuit appeals in civil rights cases, as we have done many times. We are available to assist with or handle such appeals for other lawyers and clients. Let us help you win your appeal with confidence.