Officers break fan's arm, Oakland Pays

Cecily Burt, Oakland Tribune, March 16, 2011
OAKLAND -- The city has agreed to pay $412,500 to a man whose arm was broken by an Oakland police officer during a Raiders game in August 2008. Raymond Castillo filed the federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Oakland and the Oakland Police Department in October 2009. In his suit, Castillo argued that Officer Bryant Ocampo and possibly others used excessive force that caused his arm to break at the elbow. ... Haddad said the injuries sustained by his client could only have been caused exactly the way he said it happened. "That's why the city paid, there was no way to justify that severe use of force," Haddad said. "There was a lot of rowdiness at that game, but he was taking it easy because he had to work the next day." Haddad also said it was unfortunate that the city waited to settle until two business days before the trial was scheduled to start because it caused both sides' legal bills to skyrocket. ... The hefty settlement comes on the heels of a $300,000 payout last month....

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