Jurors award diabetic bodybuilder $217K in civil case involving Redwood City police

Jesse Dungan, San Jose Mercury News, June 17, 2011
Redwood City police violated a diabetic bodybuilder's civil rights in a confrontation at a downtown movie theater four years ago, a federal jury decided Thursday afternoon. After three days of deliberations, jurors determinedthat Officer Jaime Mateo, a 23-year veteran of the Redwood City Police Department, used excessive force and awarded former Mr. Natural Universe Doug Burns about $217,000 in damages. They also said Mateo and a police sergeant, David Gough, acted with some negligence. ... "Doug Burns and the entire diabetic community feel very vindicated by this," Mike Haddad, one of Burns'attorneys, said of the verdict. "This whole thing stemmed from the police officers' failure to do the proper assessment in this situation where Doug Burns was merely having a diabetic emergency and was no criminal."

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