Men stripped by Oakland cops in public win lawsuit Judge to Assess Punitive Damages Soon

Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle, August 5, 2011
OAKLAND -- Two men were illegally stripsearched by Oakland police in public and will each receive at least $100,000 in damages, a federal judge ruled Thursday. ... Both men testified "to their humiliation and feelings of degradation as a result of this public spectacle, as well as the subsequent recurrent memories of feeling terrorized," Patel wrote. "The testimony of the feeling of 'submissiveness' also speaks to the sense of degradation," the judgesaid. "This feeling is particularly poignant when viewed in light of the history of young black men in this country." ... The fate of 39 other men who have also sued the city is on hold because Patel is retiring, said attorneys John Burris and Michael Haddad, who represent all the plaintiffs.

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