Solano DA Concludes Controversial Vallejo Officer-Involved Shooting was Justified

Alex Emslie, KQED News, July 21, 2014
The Solano County district attorney has determined that a Vallejo police officers fatal shooting of Jeremiah Moore was lawful, nearly 21 months after the Oct. 21, 2012, incident. ... Oakland-based civil rights attorney Michael Haddad, who is representing Jeremiah Moores parents in a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city, says the district attorneys review does not affect the lawsuit. It doesnt even make sense, Haddad said, and it conflicts with the press release initially offered by the Vallejo Police Department. ... The department initially reported that a man with a rifle appeared and placed the barrel of the rifle directly against an officers stomach. Another officer immediately discharged his firearm at the man with the rifle. The man with the rifle fell to the floor and was taken into custody, the initial police statement says. They dont mention the final two shots that now the DA report talks about, Haddad said. ... The district attorneys summary also seems to contradict statements from Jaime Alvarado, a witness who says he watched the scene play out from his upstairs window across the street. Alvarado told KQED that an officer at the base of the steps to the home fired several shots at a naked man with his hands up standing in the doorway. Alvarado estimated the officer was 8-10 feet away from the man when he fired. Haddad said the district attorneys conclusions dont change anything about the Moores lawsuit. Even though the DA wont hold officers accountable, we can, Haddad said.

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