Court case hinges on claim of illegal CHP ticket quotas

Denny Walsh, Sacramento Bee, June 16, 2015
For years, the California Highway Patrol has consistently denied that its officers are subject to a quota for the number of traffic tickets they write each month. The practice is illegal under state law, and agencies that have been found to use a quota system have paid millions of dollars in damages and faced lawsuits filed as recently as April. Despite that, a veteran CHP officer testified in Sacramento this month that he was subjected to monthly admonishments from his superiors to boost his enforcement contacts with motorists to at least 100 a month, and that such performance evaluations went on for years. ... That is terrible, U.S. District Judge William B. Shubb said. I would think that the CHP should be ashamed of that document. Its a quota, said Michael Haddad, one of two Oakland attorneys representing Harrison Orr, a Citrus Heights man suing the agency for false arrest. Haddads partner, Julia Sherwin, repeated that claim Monday in closing arguments to the jury. You can see from the evaluations that the CHP certainly has a quota, Sherwin said. The quota is 100 a month, even if they dont encounter 100 people who are doing something wrong.

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