Haddad & Sherwin representing victim of police beating in Alameda County- homeless witnesses say they were bribed by police to keep quiet

KTVU, March 29, 2016

Surveillance video of the brutal beating from November 12, 2015 shows two Sheriff's deputies tackling 29-year-old Petrov in a San Francisco alley. The Sheriff's Office said Petrov had led authorities on a 44-mile high speed chase from the East Bay in a stolen car, which he used to ram a sheriff's patrol car.

Deputies Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber are seen chasing Petrov down the alley near Stevenson and Clinton Park in the city's Mission District. Petrov appears to stop and surrender. He is pushed to the ground and struck by the deputies' batons multiple times on the head. His attorney, Mike Haddad, said that his client suffered a concussion and broke nearly every finger bone in his hands.

"This claim is going to put the county on notice that they're facing a lawsuit for their deputies outrageously beating and attacking Stanislav Petrov," said Haddad. Haddad said Petrov is a mechanic and can no longer use his hands to work.

The claim also alleges that at least one deputy, not Wieber or Santamaria, stole jewelry from Petrov and handed it to a homeless couple, Jerome Allen and his wife Haley Harris. The two lived in a tent near the corner of the beating.

"Nobody bribes witnesses when they're innocent," said Haddad.


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