Lawsuit claims officers broke San Jose woman's leg while seeking daughter in school arson

Robert Salonga, San Jose Mercury News, July 29, 2016
SANTA CLARA -- A San Jose woman is suing the Santa Clara Police Department in federal court, claiming officers broke her leg after storming her home without a warrant while looking for her daughter, a suspect in an arson at Santa Clara High School earlier this year. ... About two weeks after the April confrontation that is the basis of Harmon's lawsuit, Santa Clara reached a nearly $500,000 settlement with a family who filed a federal civil rights suit claiming that police illegally searched their home multiple times in 2014 based on theft suspicions that never materialized. Oakland-based attorney Michael Haddad was the attorney in that case and is now representing Harmon. "It shows once again that Santa Clara Police Department needs to be reminded of the warrant requirement in the Constitution," Haddad said. "Innocent people shouldn't be having their bones crushed because they insist on having a warrant before the government enters the house."

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