Was this man a threat to the CHP officer who shot him... Newly released video raises questions.

Sam Stanton, Sacramento Bee, September 27, 2017
California Highway Patrol Officer Paul Shadwell approaches the passenger side of the parked Toyota sedan with his hands on his hips, saying something to the driver sitting inside. ... Within eight seconds, Daniel Shaham emerges from the drivers side, and Shadwell draws his pistol and aims it at the 31-year-old Sacramento man, who appears to have something in his right hand. Sixteen seconds later, Shadwell opens fire, shooting Shaham four times and killing him. ... Its shocking, said Oakland attorney Michael Haddad, who is suing the CHP on behalf of Shahams mother, Sacramento physician Denise Smart. Its one of the most notorious shooting videos Ive seen. If you just believe your own eyes watching the video, anyone can see Daniel is no threat.

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