When possible, Haddad & Sherwin work to achieve meaningful reforms in addition to obtaining full compensation for our clients. We are always looking for ways to make sure that we fix problems – whether they stem from poor training, supervision, or policies – to make sure that what happened to our clients does not happen again to anyone else. It is critical that we help make our community fairer and safer for all.

Family of Girl Subjected to Deadly Child Abuse Win Major Reforms from Police Department
As an integral part of the $5 million settlement from the tragic child abuse death of 3-year-old Kayleigh Slusher, the Napa Police Department has instituted major reforms. No longer will officers be allowed to ignore or fail to report suspected child abuse. Napa has wholly adopted reforms and trai...Read more>

Santa Cruz Police Respond to Lawsuit with Better Training and Policies to Save Lives
The parents and young son of 32-year-old Sean Arlt brought this case seeking justice and reforms from the Santa Cruz Police Department that mismanaged his psychotic episode, unnecessarily shooting and taking the life of this gentle and beloved man. Officers knew that Sean was having a psychotic epi...Read more>

Fresno Must Change Shooting Policy; Retrain Officers and Investigators
Fresno police officer Juan Avila shot Jaime Reyes, Jr. in the back as he fled police. Police recovered an unloaded stolen gun, wrapped in a plastic bag in his pocket. In addition to paying Jaime's parents $2.2 million, the FPD agreed to change its Use of Force and Shooting policies to only allow off...Read more>

Livermore Police Department Must Retrain Officers on Duty to Intervene to Stop Excessive Force
The City of Livermore agreed to retrain all of its officers in addition to paying $150,000 to a young man who was slammed into a light pole by Officer Michael Busevac in 2013. Witnesses testified that the large officer swung the young man like a rag doll, smashing his body into a metal pole. Witness...Read more>

Statewide Injunction to Stop Medical Abuse of California Inmates
After week one of a ten-week trial, Haddad & Sherwin achieved the largest wrongful death settlement in a civil rights case in California history - $8.3 million - plus statewide reforms to protect all inmates from illegal healthcare by Corizon Health, Inc. That national, for-profit jail health care ...Read more>

Won Appellate Ruling Setting Precedent that Prohibits Police from Routinely Holding Non-Threatening People at Gun Point During Traffic Stops
Police in the Bay Area have routinely pointed their guns at all occupants in a car for any "high risk" traffic stop where they have reason to believe the car may be stolen. But many times, the car is not stolen, or police rush to judgment to hold innocent people at gun point without justification --...Read more>

Wrongful Death Case Spurred Safety Improvements to Protect Future Workers
Secured compensation for the son of an electrical lineman killed in a workplace accident, from settlement of a complex, multiple party, product liability case. The lineman was working in an aerial lift to upgrade a utility pole, when a wire became entangled in the lift controls, making the bucket of...Read more>

Successful Fight to End Unconstitutional "Street" Strip Searches By the Oakland Police Department
For more than a decade, the Oakland Police Department had a practice, and eventually a written policy, allowing officers to strip search people right on the street in broad daylight. Haddad & Sherwin teamed up with John Burris to represent dozens of men - all African-American - who were subjected t...Read more>

Homeless Activists Force SFPD to Change Citizen's Arrest Policy
Successfully represented homeless activists who were arrested and treated unusually harshly by police because of their exercise of free speech rights, winning compensation for the victims and substantial policy changes from the San Francisco Police Department. ...Read more>

Sweeping Settlement Protecting LGBT Students and Free Speech Rights of Teachers
Achieved a sweeping settlement protecting the free speech rights of public school teachers and requiring a local school district to provide comprehensive training to protect students and staff from discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, HIV status, and other factors. In...Read more>

Achieved a Sweeping Overhaul of the Oakland Police Department's Crowd Control Policies
Achieved a sweeping overhaul of the Oakland Police Department's Crowd Control Policies with other counsel in cases stemming from the OPD's shooting of Anti-War demonstrators with "less lethal" munitions at the Port of Oakland on April 7, 2003....Read more>

New Procedures Required to Prevent Repeat of Incident Where Deputies Tased and Beat Severely Disabled Young Woman
Alameda County sheriff's deputies were at a facility for the care of people with developmental disabilities and mental illness when those deputies intervened in a situation where trained staff were calming down a young woman in crisis. The young woman has the mental capacity of a four year old child...Read more>