Haddad & Sherwin has successfully tried and settled numerous cases. Our firm has a proven track record in cases involving violations of civil rights, police brutality and misconduct, police shootings, discrimination and harassment, personal injury, and wrongful death. Here are some examples: 

$8.3 Million for Jail Death -- Largest Wrongful Death Civil Rights Settlement in California State History
After over four years of litigation and finishing the first week of a 10 week trial, Alameda County and Corizon Health, Inc., a national for-profit jail health care corporation, have ended a wrongful death civil rights case by agreeing to pay $8.3 million dollars to the four adult children of Martin...Read more>

$6.7 Million Settlement for Innocent Mother, Permanently Injured By Police Home Invasion
Won a $6.7 million settlement for a mother who was catastrophically injured by Santa Clara police officers who barged into her home without a warrant to arrest her 15-year-old daughter. Officers ignored the Constitutional requirement that they have a warrant to enter a home, forcing their way in and...Read more>

Over $5.85 Million Paid for 44 African-American Men Strip Searched on the Street under Oakland's Unconstitutional Policy
For more than a decade, the Oakland Police Department had a practice, and eventually a written policy, allowing officers to strip search people right on the street in broad daylight. Haddad & Sherwin teamed up with John Burris to represent dozens of men - all African-American - who were subjected t...Read more>

$5.5 Million for Man Severly Beaten by Deputies on Video
Haddad & Sherwin LLP obtained an early $5.5 million settlement for a man who was severely beaten with metal batons by deputies. He was attempting to surrender after leading deputies on a 40-minute vehicle pursuit over the Bay Bridge in a suspected stolen car. Little did deputies know, their "Stree...Read more>

$5 Million Plus Police and CPS Reforms for Child Abuse Death of 3-year-old Girl
Three-year-old Kayleigh Slusher died from preventable child abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother and mother's boyfriend, who are serving life sentences for her murder. This lawsuit brought accountability, along with significant reforms, to the other parties responsible for Kayleigh's tragic...Read more>

$4.35 Million Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Settlement
Obtained a $4.35 million settlement for a 9-year-old boy who suffered a massive heart attack as a result of medical malpractice. ...Read more>

$3.5 Million Wrongful Death, Police Shooting Recovery
Won a $3.5 million settlement for the widow and son of an undercover Oakland police officer mistakenly shot and killed by fellow officers, and also won an appeal in that case making it harder for defendants to escape responsibility for their civil rights violations. Related Documents Wilkins ...Read more>

$2.7 Million Settlement in Environmental Justice Case
Represented dozens of mostly African-American homeowners who were sickened by industrial pollution from a toxic waste site in their neighborhood.  This long-fought case was brought in the 1990's against a toxic waste processing company and its major customers, including auto makers and large co...Read more>

$2.6 Million Settlement for Family of Man Killed in Botched SWAT Raid
$2.6 million was paid to the family of 31-year-old Rogelio "Roger" Serrato Jr., who was killed when members of the Monterey County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team set fire to his Greenfield, California, home with a flash-bang stun grenade during their attempted service of a search warrant on January 5, 2...Read more>

$2.2 Million Plus Policy and Training Changes after Fresno Police Shoot Man in Back
The Fresno Police Department paid $2.2 million to the parents of Jaime Reyes, Jr., who was shot in the back as he fled police. Police recovered an unloaded stolen gun, wrapped in a plastic bag in his pocket. In addition to compensation, the FPD agreed to change its Use of Force and Shooting policies...Read more>

$2.15 Million Settlement for Death of Disabled Woman Killed by Police
$2.15 million wrongful death settlement for the death of Irma Dela Torre, who was shot in the back by Salinas police. From this settlement, $1.6 million went to Irma's 79-year-old mother in Mexico, represented by Haddad & Sherwin; her recent husband was represented by other counsel. Irma's sister ...Read more>

$2.1 Million Settlement for Man Killed by Security Guards' Improper Restraint
$2.1 million settlement was reached in 2010 for the four daugters of a man killed by store security guards after he had shoplifted a few dollars worth of merchandise. Security guards chased the man into the parking lot where they tackled him and piled on top of his back, rendering him unable to bre...Read more>

$1.6 Million Settlement for Mother of Mentally Ill Young Man, Deprived of Care, Who Committed Suicide in the Siskiyou County Jail
Matthew Anderson, 28, was high functioning with proper care and medication. But when he was arrested for acting out due to his mental illness, the Siskiyou County Jail failed to provide him with the psychiatric care he needed and could not provide for himself. Despite a court order finding him incom...Read more>

$1.6 Million Plus Reforms for Family of Mentally Ill Man, Mishandled and Killed By Police
The parents and young son of 32-year-old Sean Arlt brought this case seeking justice and reforms from the Santa Cruz Police Department that mismanaged his psychotic episode, unnecessarily shooting and taking the life of this gentle and beloved man. Officers knew that Sean was having a psychotic epi...Read more>

$1.5 Million Recovery for Parents and Daughter of Man Shot in Back by Police
$1.5 Million recovery for the parents and baby daughter of a 20 year old man shot in the back by an Oakland police sergeant, with two previous shootings. Several witnesses saw the officer shoot the young man in the back when the man had nothing in his hands. A broken gun was found in the young man...Read more>

$1.5 Million Settlement for Parents of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Richmond Police
Richmond Police Officers were trained in how to detain a mentally ill person for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation under W&I 5150. Officers learned proper communication and deescalation tactics to avoid the need for any force in such situations. Instead, without any specific threat from Uriah Dach ot...Read more>

$1.3 Million for Police Shooting of Mentally Ill Man with Hammer
The Vacaville Police Department paid $1.3 million to avoid trial after their overly aggressive tactics escalated a situation with a mentally ill man. The police shot Kendall Walker, 24, when he exited his car with a hammer in his hand. Knowing that he was paranoid, the police had manufactured a pret...Read more>

$1.3 Million for Preventable Suicide of Young Man in Jail
21-year-old Shaymus Digiantomasso had been a jail detention officer with another county when he began having mental health issues. He was arrested for a minor crime and taken to the Kings County Jail, where despite clear warnings that he was unstable and at-risk for suicide, the Jail and its for-pr...Read more>

$1.2 Million Wrongful Death, Police Shooting, Jury Verdict
Won a $1.2 million jury verdict on behalf of a mother whose schizophrenic son was shot 14 times and killed by police The jury found that the police created a dangerous situation by their inappropriate and overly aggressive tactics. The decedent, who had brandished a metal pole at police officers, wa...Read more>

$1.1 Million Verdict for Man Attacked by Police Canine
Won a $1.1 million verdict for a 62-year-old man who was attacked by a police canine while he was inside a fenced construction site at night with his 73-year-old friend, trying to rescue her cat. San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Laughlin ordered his police canine "Riggs" to attack Plaintiff ...Read more>

$1 Million for Mother and Sons of Mentally Ill Man Allowed to Hang Himself in the Tulare County Jail
In 2010, Mario Lopez's mother called 911 when her son needed immediate care for his mental illness. Expecting an ambulance, a sheriff's deputy arrived, and rather than take Mario to the hospital as he told Mrs. Lopez he would, he arrested Mario. The Tulare County Jail held Mario on a misdemeanor cha...Read more>

$995,000 Settlement for Man Mistakenly Killed By Police
Negotiated a substantial settlement for the 81-year-old mother of a man, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who ran from a plainclothes officer who shot him in the back. The officer was acquitted after being charged with 2nd degree murder. The State of California ultimately paid the...Read more>

$975,000 Wrongful Death Settlement
Obtained a large wrongful death settlement for the family of a young man who was electrocuted by a dangerously low hanging power line....Read more>

$650,000 Settlement for Disabled Man Run Over by a Vehicle
Negotiated a large settlement for a disabled man who was run over by a truck while crossing the street in his wheelchair ...Read more>

$625,000 Settlement for Man Severely Beaten by Deputies
Obtained substantial compensation for an African-American bricklayer who was severely beaten in a racist attack by sheriff's deputies. Related News Allegations of Brutality Rock Monroe Said Deep, The Detroit News and Press, March 28, 1993 Federal, state and local authorities are investigatin...Read more>

$575,000 Jury Verdict for Wrongfully Arrested S.F. Cop
After six weeks of trial, our client won a verdict of $575,231 from a San Francisco jury for wrongful arrest, violation of civil rights, and intentional interference with his employment. Our client, Bret Cornell, was an off-duty rookie San Francisco police officer who went jogging after work in Gold...Read more>

$540,000 Recovery for Wrongfully Terminated Prison Administrative Law Judge
Obtained a large settlement for a prison administrative law judge (ALJ) who was wrongfully terminated because of his race and his refusal to adhere to an illegal quota to find at least 90 per cent of prisoners guilty of misconduct Related Document Perry v. McGinnis, 209 F.3d 597 (6th Cir. 2000...Read more>

$500,000 Free Speech, Race Discrimination, Jury Verdict
Won a $500,000 jury verdict, plus a finding for punitive damages, for an African-American high school teacher who was disciplined by his school district, because he spoke out for the rights and safety of gay and lesbian students and staff at San Leandro High School. The case settled after trial for ...Read more>

$499,000 for Federal Law Enforcement Officer whose Home Was Illegally Raided by Santa Clara Police
The City of Santa Clara agreed to pay $499,000 to a federal law enforcement officer and his parents to end a civil rights lawsuit they brought after Santa Clara police officers illegally raided their home. The City also agreed to support our client, the federal officer's petition for factual innoce...Read more>

$461,000 Verdict with Punitive Damages Against Sheriff Department
Won a large verdict with punitive damages for a woman who was assaulted and then falsely accused of a crime by a deputy sheriff. Related News $461,000 Awarded in Brutality Lawsuit Andy Halldorson, Monroe Evening News, November 30, 1994. Monroe County will have to pay damages after a jury ruled ...Read more>

$450,000 Settlement for Man Beaten with Blackjack by Deputy
Successfully represented man severely injured when he was struck on the head with a blackjack by a deputy sheriff....Read more>

$412,500 Settlement for Plumber after Cop Broke His Arm
Negotiated at settlement two days before trial for a plumber whose arm was broken by an overly aggressive cop at a Raiders game. The plumber, a 49ers fan, was singled out and injured by the Oakland officer after a fight broke out between rival fans at the Oakland Coliseum. The plumber had done not...Read more>

$400,000 for Young Man Whose Knee was Broken by Chico Police
The Chico Police Department agreed to pay $400,000 to a young man whose knee was dislocated by Chico officers after a college party. Officers falsely accused the young man - who was celebrating his 21st birthday - of being drunk, then tackled him without justification. The incident happened in fro...Read more>

$360,000 Settlement for Schizoprenic Man Injured by Police; No Witnesses
Won a $360,000 settlement, paid in a trust fund to care for a 52-year-old mentally ill man, who was severely beaten by the San Jose Police, after being found wandering in the street at the airport. The victim suffered multiple fractures. There were no witnesses. Questioning of police revealed tha...Read more>

$350,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement from National Hotel Chain
Successfully represented a woman who was sexually harassed by her supervisor in a national hotel chain. ...Read more>

$340,000 Wrongful Death Police Misconduct Shooting, Homeless Man, No Witnesses
Used forensic crime scene evidence, in a case with no independent witnesses, to obtain a substantial settlement for the mother of an unarmed young, homeless man who was shot and killed by a police officer in an empty field. Related News Homeless Man's Murder by Cop = $340,000 Settlement Clay T...Read more>

$340,000 Judgment for African Twins Held at Gunpoint
Won a total judgment in excess of $340,000 after a jury verdict for twin sisters from Ghana, Africa, who were pulled over, held at gunpoint, and arrested by West Sacramento police after the driver failed to use a turn signal when changing lanes. At trial, the federal judge granted our clients' moti...Read more>

$290,000 for Young Man Tased, Then Falsely Charged with Resisting Arrest
King City paid $290,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit after it's police officer Tased a young man who posed no threat, then had him falsely charged with resisting arrest. After those charges were dismissed, Haddad & Sherwin filed civil rights claims against the officer. The lawsuit exposed the ...Read more>

$290,000 for man Tased and falsely arrested by Salinas SWAT
Won a $290,000 settlement for a gentleman who was Tased and falsely arrested, then charged with resisting arrest, by Salinas SWAT police. The Plaintiff was an innocent bystander during a SWAT raid on a local business....Read more>

$245,000 Verdict for Two Men Strip Searched in Public by Oakland Officers
In 2011, Haddad & Sherwin, John Burris, and Ben Nisenbaum did a trial for two men who were strip searched by Oakland Police Officers in broad daylight on Martin Luther King Blvd. After presenting multiple witnesses and cross-examining the officers, the court found that these egregious searches did i...Read more>

$220,000 for 63-year-old Man, Body Slammed by Off-Duty Officer in Road Rage Incident
63-year-old Walther Weiland, driving his Mini Cooper, unwittingly enraged an off-duty Concord Police Officer while driving in heavy traffic on Highway 24. Officer Kevin Mansourian plowed his Infinity into Weiland's car, driving him off the road, then when they got out, body-slammed the harmless old...Read more>

$218,000 Jury Verdict for Diabetic Mr. Universe
$218,000 jury verdict for champion bodybuilder, 2006 "Mr. Universe", who was also a Type 1 Diabetic. Police severel beat him while he was suffering from insulin shock. The jury found officers failed to follow their training for handling people having a diabetic emergency, and violated his civil rig...Read more>

$160,000 Settlement Plus New Written Procedures After Sheriff's Deputies Tase and Beat Severely Disabled Young Woman
Alameda County sheriff's deputies were at a facility for the care of people with developmental disabilities and mental illness when those deputies intervened in a situation where trained staff were calming down a young woman in crises. The young woman has the mental capacity of a four year old child...Read more>

$150,000 Plus Police Training Reforms for Man Brutalized by Livermore Police Officer
The City of Livermore agreed to pay $150,000 to a young man who was slammed into a light pole by Officer Michael Busevac in 2013. Witnesses testified that the large officer swung the young man like a rag doll, smashing his body into a metal pole. Witnesses disputed the officer's claim that the vic...Read more>

$115,000 for Vet Injured by Livermore Officer
Vietnam vet, Bo Jackson, who "bleeds red, white, and blue," was severely injured by Livermore police officer Busevac. Bo had gone out on his apartment balcony with is registered gun at his side to check for intruders. The Livermore SWAT team came instead, forced him to the ground, and re-injured h...Read more>

$75,000 for 16 year old Girl Sexually Harrassed on Her First Job
Obtained a $75,000 settlement for a 16 year old girl who was sexually harrassed by her manager at her first job. The manager was later fired. This confidential settlement was substantial for the facts of this case, and spared our client from having to testify at trial....Read more>

$50,000 Verdict for Dog Walker Who Was Tased by Park Ranger
Haddad & Sherwin won a $50,000 verdict after a bench trial for a man who was Tased once by a national park ranger after he walked away from her while she was giving him a warning for having a small dog off-leash. The Court found that the National Park Service policy on Tasers failed to conform to t...Read more>

Confidential Settlement for African American Man Suffering Racial Harassment
Obtained a confidential settement against a farm supply company that allowed some employees to racially harass an African-American man. The extreme harassment in this case included mailing the plaintiff a noose.  ...Read more>

Settlements from Sheriff Department
Obtained substantial settlements for several women who were harrassed and terminated from their jobs with a sheriff department because they did not support the Sheriff's reelection campaign...Read more>

Settlements for Numerous Victims of Police 'Less-Lethal' Force
Won substantial monetary settlements for numerous victims of the Oakland Police Department's use of "less lethal" munitions and intentional police motorcycle collisions against peace demonstrators and journalists at the Port of Oakland on April 7, 2003, including $210,000 for one woman shot in the j...Read more>

Jury Verdict Won for Accent-Based Employment Discrimination
Won a jury verdict on behalf of a highly qualified civil engineer who was repeatedly passed over for promotion simply because he had a slight Arabic accent....Read more>

Achieved a Sweeping Overhaul of the Oakland Police Department's Crowd Control Policies
Achieved a sweeping overhaul of the Oakland Police Department's Crowd Control Policies with other counsel in cases stemming from the OPD's shooting of Anti-War demonstrators with "less lethal" munitions at the Port of Oakland on April 7, 2003. Related Documents Revised Oakland Crowd Control P...Read more>

Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement for Lineman Killed in Product Liability Accident
Secured compensation for the son of an electrical lineman killed in a workplace accident, from settlement of a complex, multiple party, product liability case.  The lineman was working in an aerial lift to upgrade a utility pole, when a wire became entangled in the lift controls,...Read more>

Settlement Protecting the Free Speech Rights of Public School Teachers
Achieved a sweeping settlement protecting the free speech rights of public school teachers and requiring a local school district to provide comprehensive training to protect students and staff from discrimination based on sexual orientation and other factors. Related News Teacher Awarded $1 Mi...Read more>

San Francisco Police Department Misconduct Case
Successfully represented homeless activists who were arrested and treated unusually harshly by police because of their exercise of free speech rights, winning compensation for the victims and substantial policy changes from the San Francisco Police Department. Related News San Francisco to Ref...Read more>