Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases, involving loss of life, are among the most tragic and important cases. Wrongful death cases can also be legally complicated and difficult. Only limited categories of relatives are allowed to bring a wrongful death case for the loss of a loved one. Very often, time is of the essence in order to preserve your rights when a loved one dies. The attorneys at Haddad & Sherwin have the knowledge, skill, and experience to successfully handle many types of wrongful death cases. Contact us if you or someone you love has lost a family member in questionable circumstances.

We have won many wrongful death cases for children, spouses, and parents of sons and daughters killed by police, security guards, dangerous products, and dangerous conditions.  We have uncovered cover-ups of suspicious deaths, bringing closure, compensation, and justice for families. We know how to uncover the truth to protect and prevent others from suffering tragic wrongful death.

Contact us  today to get a free consultation with an experienced, Oakland-based police misconduct attorney.  We handle cases throughout California, including the Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, North Coast, Central Coast, Central Valley, and more!

Wrongful Death Related Verdicts & Settlements