$2.1 Million Settlement for Man Killed by Security Guards' Improper Restraint

$2.1 million settlement was reached in 2010 for the four daugters of a man killed by store security guards after he had shoplifted a few dollars worth of merchandise. Security guards chased the man into the parking lot where they tackled him and piled on top of his back, rendering him unable to breathe. One security guard also placed him in a choke hold. The local coroner described the death as a heart attack brought on by prolonged struggle and methamphetamine intoxication. Plaintiffs retained renowned forensic pathologist, Michael Baden, M.D., who determined that he died from restraint associated asphixia caused by the security guards' grossly improper conduct. For this case, Haddad & Sherwin teamed up with trial lawyer Geoff Fieger, Detroit, Michigan.

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