$1.5 Million Settlement for Parents of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Richmond Police

Richmond Police Officers were trained in how to detain a mentally ill person for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation under W&I 5150. Officers learned proper communication and deescalation tactics to avoid the need for any force in such situations. Instead, without any specific threat from Uriah Dach other than his large size, Richmond officers Tased him for 72 seconds straight, then Tased him 5 more times, severely beat him, pepper sprayed him, improperly restrained him, and left him for dead face down on the ground. The City agreed to pay this $1.5 Million settlement to Mr. Dach's parents.

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  • Richmond to pay $1.5M in suit over police killing
    Will Kane, Chronicle Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, November 24, 2011

    The city of Richmond has agreed to pay $1.5 million to the family of a mentally ill man killed in a struggle with police in 2008, officials said Wednesday. ... "This was one of the most brutal police beat-downs I've ever seen," said an attorney for Dach's family, Michael Haddad. "The officers' killing of this mentally ill man is indefensible." Uriah Dach, 26, died after being subdued by four Richmond police officers....