$220,000 for 63-year-old Man, Body Slammed by Off-Duty Officer in Road Rage Incident

63-year-old Walther Weiland, driving his Mini Cooper, unwittingly enraged an off-duty Concord Police Officer while driving in heavy traffic on Highway 24. Officer Kevin Mansourian plowed his Infinity into Weiland's car, driving him off the road, then when they got out, body-slammed the harmless older gentleman, breaking his arm. Despite Mansourian's attempt to falsely accuse Weiland of crimes, investigating officers declined to charge anyone. Mr. Weiland brought civil rights claims against the officer, and the City of Concord chose to settle rather than face a federal jury in this case.

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  • Man accuses off-duty Concord cop of road rage
    Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle, December 3, 2013

    An Oakland man filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Concord, saying an offduty police officer deliberately rammed him and broke his arm during a road rage incident. Walther Weiland, 64, said Officer Kevin Mansourian cut him off Feb. 17 on westbound Highway 24 in Orinda as the lanes merged near the Caldecott Tunnel. After Weiland tried to pull around Mansourian, the off-duty officer rammed his Infiniti intoWeiland's Mini Cooper, causing moderate damage, said the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Oakland. Weiland alleged that when he got out of his car to exchange insurance information, Mansourian screamed, "What the f- are you doing? I'm an off-duty police officer!" Weiland asked to see his police identification, but Mansourian refused and slammed him to the ground, holding him there until a California Highway Patrol officer arrived, the suit said. Weiland suffered a broken arm and was never charged criminally in the incident, said his attorney Michael Haddad. "Anytime someone breaks another person's arm in a road rage incident, there should be consequences," Haddad said. "We're concerned that just because he's an officer, that he might be getting away with this."