After six weeks of trial, our client won a verdict of $575,231 from a San Francisco jury for wrongful arrest, violation of civil rights, and intentional interference with his employment. Our client, Bret Cornell, was an off-duty rookie San Francisco police officer who went jogging after work in Golden Gate Park. Other officers saw him and simply assumed he must be running from them, even though they had never attempted to communicate with him. They chased him, held him at gunpoint, and arrested him. When the defendant officers realized their overzealous conduct snared another cop, not a crook, instead of admitting their mistake, they doubled down and falsely accused him of “delaying” an officer. The court found that charge was wrongful, because it was the defendant officers who were acting unlawfully, not Cornell. Unfortunately, Bret Cornell lost his job because of this false accusation. This verdict vindicates our client, and will allow him to move ahead with a job helping others.

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