Won a $6.7 million settlement for a mother who was catastrophically injured by Santa Clara police officers who barged into her home without a warrant to arrest her 15-year-old daughter.

Officers ignored the Constitutional requirement that they have a warrant to enter a home, forcing their way in and throwing Danielle Burfine out the door, smashing her ankle against a rock outcropping. Officers’ bodycam video captured them severely fracturing Ms. Burfine’s ankle, then handcuffing her for opposing their unlawful conduct, tightening the cuffs while she cried in pain, and delaying the emergency medical care she needed.

After two surgeries, she developed a debilitating condition call Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that causes extreme, constant pain in her injured leg, has spread to other limbs, and is likely to be permanently disabling. This settlement will allow Danielle, who may never work again, to care for herself and her family.

Other than this civil rights lawsuit, the involved officers have faced no consequences, and no discipline from the Santa Clara Police Department.


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