Alex Horton/Washington Post

Isiah Murrietta-Golding, fleeing the police, leaps a metal fence, tumbling head over heels. The officers are blocked. The teenager runs, trying to hold up his pants.

He is unaware a Fresno police officer has contorted his body into a shooting stance from the other side, where the gate was wide enough for a service pistol to push through.

Murrietta-Golding, 16, takes eight steps before the officer fires a bullet that shatters the teenager’s head, just above his brain stem.

He died three days later in a hospital.

. . .

Michael Haddad, an attorney for Murrietta-Golding’s mother said officers did not pursue Murrietta-Golding’s brother at their home because they did not have a search warrant. As Murrietta-Golding fled, the officers “had no legal justification to point guns at Isiah, and no legal justification to seize Isiah at gunpoint,” Haddad said in a court filing. “Isiah exercised his right to self-defense and to non-violently resist defendants’ attempts to unlawfully seize him.”

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