Carl Edwards was on his own front porch, working on a fence, minding his own business, when Vallejo Police Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley attacked him.  Two other officers and a sergeant joined in, choking and beating Carl for several minutes.  Officers were looking for someone else who did not fit Carl’s description.  Still, the officers got Carl charged with felonies that were dismissed over a year later for “insufficient evidence.”  Officers’ cameras and a neighbor with a cell phone captured this brutal, unprovoked beating in videos — now compiled together and posted on YouTube.  Carl wants the public to know what these officers did, and how he helped hold them accountable in a federal civil rights case brought by his attorneys, Haddad & Sherwin LLP.  Carl’s case settled for $750,000, allowing Carl to move away from Vallejo and start a new chapter in his life.


‘This is one of the most brutal, unprovoked police beatdowns I’ve seen’: Vallejo settles police beating suit for whopping $750,000

Man beaten by Vallejo police will receive $750,000.  Now he plans to leave town for good

Vallejo pays $750k to man who suffered ‘brutal, unprovoked police beatdown:’ attorneys

City of Vallejo settles excessive force lawsuit against Vallejo Police Department for $750,000


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