On March 2nd of 2022, a report released by the Physicians of Human Rights and co-authored by Julia Sherwin was released, disavowing the junk science theory of “Excited Delirium” as racist and unscientific. In the evening of March 2nd, Sherwin was interviewed by Fox at KTVU to elaborate on the findings of the report, and what it means for cases of police brutality and restraint asphyxia in California and the country at large. 

In her interview, Sherwin says that the false defense of “Excited Delirium” harms real people and places blame for cases of restraint asphyxia on the victim rather than the police officers at fault.

You can view Sherwin’s interview with KTVU here.

Read more on the junk science theory of “Excited Delirium” here.


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