In February of 2022, Anthony Galley had been left in a Sacramento County crowded holding cell for over two days. Displaying clear signs of severe alcohol withdrawal, Anthony had been neither evaluated, offered medical care, nor given any solution or treatment. On February 15th, he passed away in the filthy, overcrowded cell due to the negligence of the facility and officers and lack of necessary life-saving care.

The County Jail was already governed by a Consent Decree brought on by the  jail’s lack of necessary, life-saving care for persons undergoing a substance withdrawal. Anthony’s untimely death was brought on by the jail’s same callous indifference to inmate’s medical needs. The complaint names former-Sherrif Scott Jones, Jail Commander Anthony Paonessa, Jail Medical Director Veer Babu, M.D., and jail intake nurse Erica Woods, R.N.

Anthony, who passed away at age 37, is survived by his daughter, age 14, and son, age 8. The civil rights lawsuit is brought by his daughter, alleging a violation of her father’s constitutional and other rights. The family is represented by Haddad & Sherwin LLP, acclaimed civil rights and jail death attorneys in the state of California.

In the law firm’s February 23, 2023 press release, Michael Haddad is quoted saying: “Anthony Galley’s unnecessary death is a tremendous loss for his young children. Sacramento County knew that its jail had been caught allowing people awaiting trials to die from lack of medical care. It is hard to imagine how they could let this happen again.”

Julia Sherwin says, “Anthony, like one-in-eight adults in this country, suffered from alcohol dependence. The severe alcohol withdrawal that killed him is 100% preventable. If the jail had just followed detox protocols, Anthony would still be alive.”

Haddad & Sherwin LLP will fight for justice to be brought against the negligent parties that brought on Anthony Galley’s death, as they have fought for the justice and civil rights of many parties in similar jail abuse and jail death cases.

If your civil rights have been violated in the state of California, you may qualify for representation. Contact Haddad & Sherwin today for a free consultation.


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