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Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Oakland, CA

Certain injuries can change the course of a person’s life and coping with these injuries is costly. A catastrophic injury can lead to life-long disabilities and debilitating psychological suffering.

Most personal injury cases result in the victim recovering and going on to resume their normal routines. Catastrophic injuries, especially those resulting from police brutality or jail misconduct, produce long-term effects requiring support and resources.

A few examples of catastrophic injuries are:

• Brain and spinal cord injuries producing permanent brain damage or paralysis
• Permanent nerve or ligament damage
• Loss of organ function including hearing or vision loss

Legally, these cases are complex and nuanced. The work is difficult but the stakes are high. Your compensation from a catastrophic injury case determines the future possibilities for your health and your livelihood.

Attorneys in catastrophic injury cases need to possess medical expertise and a commitment to pursuing every possible resource for their client. They must fight for a verdict or settlement that pays for current medical bills as well as ongoing and upcoming costs due to the injury, including home care, therapies, and damages incurred from being unable to work.

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The Attorneys at Haddad & Sherwin LLP possess the skills and tenacious determination to gain justice for those suffering from a catastrophic injury as a result of police misconduct, police shootings, and jail misconduct. We ensure that victims receive the verdict or settlement they need for the best possible long-term care and recovery. Get in touch with a catastrophic injury lawyer today.