When a LEO Needs a Great Civil Rights Lawyer … Call Haddad & Sherwin LLP

When law enforcement officers need a civil rights attorney, very often they call Haddad & Sherwin LLP.  We will defend everyone’s civil rights. And our law enforcement experience and expertise allow us to provide the very strongest representation in “Blue on Blue” situations.  We are proud to represent conscientious law enforcement officers who might find their own civil rights trampled by other officers.

Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin regularly provide training to law enforcement officers and agencies on topics such as use of force, deadly force, handling contacts with the mentally ill, search and seizure, and internal affairs.

Here are a few examples of cases we have won for law enforcement officers:

*  Polanco v. State of California — Representing the family of a beloved San Quentin Prison sergeant, killed by Covid-19 as he worked above and beyond to protect other staff and inmates from the virus that was recklessly introduced into the prison by CDCR administrators.

Lucas v. Fresno County — Representing the parents of a respected and beloved sergeant of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office who was shot and killed by a deputy who recklessly handled his gun.

*  Federal Law Enforcement Officer v. City of Santa Clara — Obtained a nearly $500,000 settlement, plus reputation clearing relief, for a federal officer whose home was wrongfully raided twice by the Santa Clara Police Department.

*  Cornell v. City and County of San Francisco — Won a jury verdict of $575,000 for a rookie police officer who was wrongfully arrested at gunpoint while jogging in Golden Gate Park, then falsely accused of delaying officers, causing him to lose his job.

*  Wilkins v. City of Oakland — Achieved a $3.5 million settlement for the wife and young son of Oakland Police Officer Willie Wilkins, who was killed in the line of duty from “friendly fire” by poorly trained rookie officers who did not recognize Officer Wilkins as he was arresting a suspect.

*  Sharra v. Kings County — represented family of Kings County sheriff deputy killed in tragic car accident.

*  Perry v. McGinnis — Obtained a $540,000 settlement and precedent-setting decision for a prison administrative law judge who was wrongfully terminated because of his race and his refusal to adhere to an illegal quota to find at least 90 per cent of prisoners guilty of misconduct.

*  Sheriff’s Department Employees v. Sheriff — Won substantial settlements for several non-sworn Sheriff’s Department employees who faced retaliation from the Sheriff’s administration because they did not support the Sheriff’s re-election campaign.