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California Police Misconduct Attorneys

Police misconduct occurs when law enforcement officers exceed their lawful authority, causing injuries or serious violations of rights.

Police misconduct cases can arise from officers’ use of excessive force or “police brutality” including with police weapons (batons, Tasers, ‘less-lethal’ munitions, dogs, and others), tactics (fighting, control holds, handcuffing, etc.), and of course, gunshots. Police misconduct cases can also arise from wrongful seizures, searches, arrests, vehicle pursuits, and jail activities.

The police misconduct attorneys at Haddad & Sherwin are leaders in this field, representing numerous victims (including other police officers who have been injured by police misconduct) in California. We are also teaching the next generation of civil rights attorneys to help victims.

Our society gives law enforcement officers awesome powers to restrict liberty and even injure or take life in certain circumstances. We honor those law enforcement officers who serve our community with fairness and professionalism. We will also continue to hold accountable those officers who abuse their power to injure others unlawfully.

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