Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin

Attorney Endorsements & Testimonials

At Haddad & Sherwin, we are sympathetic to the plight of individuals and families whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement agencies. Our skilled attorneys are ready to stand by you in the uphill battle against government bureaucracy, unlawful policies and procedures, and illegal actions of the police.

While Haddad & Sherwin has a proven track record of securing proper compensation for damages, another key part of our mission is to aggressively seek reforms to police department policies and training practices to prevent similar tragedies in the future.


“When I met with Haddad Sherwin I was skeptical about the world and needed help and that’s exactly what everybody with this team of highly competent professionals did for me. They served me justice and changed my life.” Carl Edwards

“Michael and Julia worked tirelessly to get justice against the City of Santa Clara and its police department for my family. Not only did they win my case, they cared about me and what I went through. They believed me even before there was video evidence to back up my story. They are two of the most honest and compassionate people I know. It’s comforting to know that there are people like Michael and Julia out there fighting against police injustices and brutality. By fighting for me they sent the message that we won’t let police get away with abusing their power by breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold. They are truly my heroes and I will be forever grateful that they were in my corner.” Danielle Burfine

“Julia & Michael stood up for me when no one else would – smart, fearless, relentless & funny.” Karl Debro

“I did my research for a lawyer, and their history was incredible! Super nice to work with, they give lawyers a great name!” Bob

“Haddad & Sherwin are amazing, really thorough, well prepared, caring, intelligent, and relentless.” Marcus

“Haddad & Sherwin are professionals as well as friends. They were there for me and my family every step of the way. Even after we won our case, they still continue to check on us and see if we need help with anything. I trust these people to the fullest. If you’re wondering who you should choose as lawyers, you should choose Haddad & Sherwin. They will get you justice.” Tina Anglin

Dedicated to Preserving the Civil Rights of Californians

These testimonials from our clients reflect our dedication to preserving the rights of individuals and families who have been impacted by law enforcement misconduct.