Maria Sestito / Napa Valley Register

While Kayleigh Slushers mother faces a murder charge in criminal court, Kayleighs father is moving forward with a civil lawsuit filed against the City of Napa, County of Napa and several police officers and social workers alleging that their negligence contributed to Kayleighs death. Kayleigh Slusher, 3, was found dead in her mothers home at Royal Garden Apartments in Napa on Feb. 1, 2014. Her mother, Sara Lynn Krueger, 26, and mothers boyfriend, Ryan Scott Warner, 29, are currently being tried for killing Kayleigh in Napa County Superior Court. … The Oakland law office representing the Slusher family is Haddad & Sherwin LLP. The suit alleges that four officers with the Napa Police Department and two social workers with Napa County Child Welfare Services were notified of possible drug use, unsafe living conditions and child abuse in Kayleighs home before she died yet did not address or investigate the reports adequately, ultimately allowing for Kayleighs death. The most important thing we want to accomplish in this case is to bring to light the failures of the police and the county child welfare services department so this never has to happen to any other child because it took more than just the criminal defendants to kill Kayleigh, Michael J. Haddad, attorney for Kayleigh and her father, Jason Slusher, said in a Register interview.

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