As an integral part of the $5 million settlement from the tragic child abuse death of 3-year-old Kayleigh Slusher, the Napa Police Department has instituted major reforms. No longer will officers be allowed to ignore or fail to report suspected child abuse. Napa has wholly adopted reforms and training to follow best practices for handling tips and information about child abuse and neglect. This lawsuit, brought by Kayleigh’s father and grandmother, Jason and Robin Slusher, has spurred the Napa Police Department to reform its child abuse and neglect training and practices to become a nationally leading police department to protect children. Kayleigh’s heartbreaking suffering and death, and her father’s and grandmother’s insistence, have led to these major reforms that will save children, and prevent needless suffering and tragedy. While the Napa County Department of Child Welfare Services — unlike the Napa Police Department — still refused to adopt best practices to protect children from abuse and neglect, this lawsuit compelled them to at least follow lawful practices. Details of the Napa Police Department’s groundbreaking reforms, which Haddad & Sherwin will oversee pro bono, are listed in the settlement agreement, posted below. Photos of Kayleigh, her father and grandmother, appear at the end of this page.


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